What should I Wear?

You will need to wear normal workout clothes – shorts, singlet/tee and sneakers. If you want to wear longer pants such as yoga pants, please ensure they can roll up over your knees.

Don’t apply any moisturiser to your legs or hands, as it can make you slippery, which is dangerous.

Please ensure you are not wearing any jewellery on your hands and arms as it can pinch you and scratch the poles.

Is there anything I should bring?

Bring a drink bottle as you can get pretty hot and thirsty. A towel is also good idea if you tend to sweat a lot, plus occasionally you’ll need it when we do floor work.

I’m unfit / uncoordinated – can I still pole dance?

Of course! We have classes suitable for absolute beginners of all shapes and sizes and any fitness level. All of our instructors are able to adapt moves to make them easier or harder to suit the individual. (Note: If you have any existing medical conditions, or are pregnant, we recommend you see your doctor before participating in pole dance classes.)

What are the fitness benefits of pole dancing?

Check out these article for a great overview on why pole dancing is great for your fitness:


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